The List

For the past month, I stopped doing anything except for tasks that I should be doing: projects that need to be tackled, chores waiting to be done. I even stopped doing the Confident in God reading challenge. I stopped watching my favorite videos. Life for a month is Project-Eat-Sleep-Project-Sleep-Repeat.  It is absolutely exhausting. I wasn’t focused. Overwhelmed is an underestimation. I can’t even find a scintilla of productivity. In short, I struggled hard – seems like redundant but I guess, that’s what it is.

Then I realise I have to check the items/goals/aspirations I leave unfinished, unchecked, unattended. The more I have ideas, the more I feel the urge to just sleep and sleep and put everything off.

Bucket list? I know I have some creazy bucket list. The truth is once we’re on our death beds we don’t really look back and dream, “I wish I could go to Europe, travel to Egypt, jump off a cliff”. Instead of focusing on those, I must tick off items I have put off doing.

Here’s my updated list, most action-based, again just to get them off my mind and release the negative overwhelming feeling:

Appy to Australia Awards REAP submission

Study abroad

Take PhD or Master’s abroad

Finish PhD

Submit research proposal to journals and get published!

Present paper in international conference at least thrice

Lolo anointing

Get other relatives baptised (Bornok, Michelle)

Publish Speech book

Commercialize Own Created Boardgame

Produce Teaching Toolkit online

Produce Public Speaking training online

Apply to Chevening

Apply at Harvard, Stanford or MIT (even if I know I won’t stand a chance!) 🙂

Publish Memoir online (Focus on testimony as Christian)

Create a Christian Workbook

Create own podcast

Pitch One screenplay (Focus on Xenon)

Win another exchange to any country in Europe

Create Academic Book/Manual (Classroom Discourse Analysis)

Publish the Language Documentation Website

Publish OraTOR App

Publish OraTOR book

Overhaul OraTOR and make it profitable

Win Toastmasters’ International


Works of Mercy

1. Feed 1,000 or more people (1,000 Manna from Heaven)

2. Visit 1,000 or more sick people (1,000 Touch from the Great Doctor)

3. Give 1,000 or more Thank you and Praise Notes   (1,000 Notes from God)

4. Commit writing to a death row prisoner for a year (A warrant of release)

5. Send a letter to a soldier



1. Visit Surigao

2. Visit Chocolate Hills

3. Visit Cebu

4. Visit Vigan

5. Visit Palawan

6. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

7. Go to Jerusalem

8. Visit Eiffel tower and Louvre

9. Visit any country in Africa aside from Egypt


10. Visit Statue of Liberty

11. Visit Egypt

12. Tour Germany and Switzerland

13. Visit Vatican city

14. Cruise

15. Visit United Nations in New York

16. Visit Harvard

17. Visit Princeton Uni

18. Visit Yale University

19. Visit MIT

20. Visit 5 States


1. Publish a Book

2. Speak at any TEDX event

3. Present research in an international forum

4. Get a PhD

5. Study Abroad

6. Publish three researches

7. Complete an online class

8. Drive


1. Eat at an expensive French restaurant

  1. Own a Speech/Language Center

3. Study in a Coffee shop  (seriously, I haven’t experienced this one)

4. Write a letter to myself and open it again after 10 years

5. Read BBC’s Top 100 Books to read before one dies

6. Stroll around a park alone

7. Create a bucket list blog

8. Buy someone lunch

9. Start a vlog

10. Revamp my wardrobe

11. Write my autobiography

12. Volunteer in the church

13. Write a blog post at least once a week

14. Volunteer in an organization

15. Leave a copy of my three favorite books and a CD in a public place with a “free, hope you enjoy it” note.

16. Go camping

17. Attend a circus show

18. Ride a cable car

19. Send 5 postcards through postcrossing

20. Send a bouquet and a box of chocolates to a lady. (O.O)

21. Take 365 photos in a year ( one shot each day)

So far this is my list and I already started working toward ticking each item off.

If you have creative and fun activities to suggest, please share them below. 😀

-Kayla, the Theoxenophile


I actually have 22 goals for 2021. It’s a sacred agreement between Jesus and me, so I cannot share them here but whenever I accomplish one goal, or do something that helps accomplish one, I’m going to share it here. 



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