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Daily Photo Diary #19: July 08, 2018 Sunday, Canberra

Accompanied them to tour around ANU, Lake Burley Griffin and National Gallery of Art.

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Daily Photo Diary #18: July 07, 2018 Saturday, Thredbo Winter Resort

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Daily Photo Diary #9: June 28, 2018 Thursday, Surfers Paradise and Burleigh National Park (and grades released!!!)


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Daily photo Diary #8: June 27, 2018 Tuesday, University of Queensland and Gold Coast

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Daily Message for God #7

Dear Jesus,

After three days in the hospital with mama, finally new uplifting words came from one of the hiring Managers from Australia.

“I am very very impressed with all your answers.”

Of course, I threw my eye smile again because most of my employers in the past said it’s very calming and assuring. True enough, I saw the three of them nodding and smiling.

You proved me again today that I can impress not only Americans and Filipinos but ahem…Australian linguists.

You showed me You were with me today. I didn’t know where those words came from; they simply flowed that I only notice the three of them smiling gently, looking dazzled.

Imagine, they are linguists and I’m just an ordinary girl with an imperfect grammar.

Who else could have done that but You?

Thank you Jesus for the successful meeting.

Time to have another one tomorrow with the director.

I know You are always with me.

I love You,

Your Kimkim

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Daily Message for God #6

Dear Jesus,

Today, I studied Acute Childhood Experiences. I learned that most of the physical and mental illnesses people experience as an adult are caused by Childhood trauma. Kids can also pick up on parents’ emotional states, so parents need to be calm once with their children. To do that, they can try meditation and forgiveness. To sum up all my learning from the past few days, I listed six commands for easy memorization: Total Dependence on God, Entrusting the Future to the Lord, Improving relationships/networking, Being Humble, Defining who I really am/Personal branding and most of all Working Smart. Saying these every day reinforces the message.

For my passage studies, I found that Isaiah 22 talks about the removal of Shebna from his post because of erecting his own image. Isaiah 24 speaks of the end of the world. In my own study, I feel that what’s being prophesied is happening now. It was said that Assyrians and Egyptians will bow down before the Lord before the end of the world. Isaiah 25 continues to reprimand against idolatry and pride which the Lord greatly abhors. And Isaiah 26 reminds believers to recognize God as the fountain of success and skills. Without God, we are nothing. All in all, the verses remind me and the believers to be humble, to depend on God, trust in Him in all things, and most of all to work smart.

Kuya Jesus, my God. You heard our pleas. Jesus, you came to the world, expecting nothing for yourself. You washed our sins, and continued to forgive all of us. You served as a libation for our sinfulness. You are the source of all wisdom, truth and understanding. Without You, we are nothing. With You, all things are possible. With Your help, we can be successful. Jesus, you hold the future in your hands. You are already in the future as you’ve stated in Isaiah. All else are fleeting, so why even bother worrying. All these are temporary. We can only do our best in this world and worship You, our own goal. Jesus, I realized that all of my relatives are not even practicing Christians. Is this Your task for me? How? Show me the way. Jesus, I really want to be contacted by World Vision. Jesus, if they would contact me tomorrow, then being a missionary is what You want me to be. I’m ready for whatever task it may be. After all, our life is fleeting. Our concerns are but a dot to Your concerns. Jesus, You are my hope, Lord, God! You are my savior, best friend, guide, coach, trainer. You are my sole purpose. You are my boyfriend. You are the gift to this world. Without You Lord, I fail. Unless You raise me up, I will labor in pain to attain my dreams. Unless You will it, I will fail. Jesus, all my dreams I lift up to You. Do as you wish with my life. As I said, all my dreams – the ones I write- are a reminder of what I want to be, but I accept that what You want for me is far grander, far better – if it is to build character-, so I am willing to trade. I love you, Jesus! I love you so much! Thank you for reminding us the value of money, hard work, family and relationships! Help me build on my network of positive friends, take care of my body which I’m doing now. Teach us humility each day. All this is vanity. I know. I learned it the hard way even if it’s already written in Your work. I thank you for this day! I love you, Jesus! I love you. I want You to fill my mind with You. I want You. I crave for You. I yearn for Your message and whispers. I remember our days together, those moments when people still find my quirkiness cute and my audacity and productivity inspiring, those times when I had to wake up early to practice and practice and prepare for everything, those moments when You would send gifts unexpectedly, those times when I didn’t have to fear for I didn’t care what others think because I want to please only You, those moments when I did something foolish and instead of berating me, you would hug me tight and tell me “it’s okay”. I miss the moment when You showed clearly your presence in my life and told me, “You will always have the greatest friend”, those times when I prayed alone during recess times in the chapel because eating could not even satiate my hunger for You. I miss those moments, Jesus. And yes, I miss going to church daily, coming back home to watch EWTN’s Angel Force or listen to a sermon from random pastors and priests, asking for your permission for all that I do.

Where did that child go? Where did that bold 13-year-old go? Jesus, my greatest desire is to think of pleasing You alone. Tsaka ya, I remember You told me, “I no longer want to give You tangible gifts for You are a big girl now. I want to build Your character.” People judge me, spat ill words against me, but You know my heart – You know my inner thoughts, the reason for all actions. It’s You who comforted me in those dire depressing moments. It’s only You who trusted in my heart. You even promised that there’s nothing I can do that will make You love me less. I even remember the letter You gave through my sister. I want You to know that You are my secret weapon, my coach, my trainer, my guide. I love You, Kuya Jesus. I love You with all my heart. I want to see You. Even if the world will strip everything off me – from awards to finances- I am content for I still have You. I love you, Jesus! I love you! Good night!


Your Kimkim



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Daily Message for God #5 (August 31)

Dear Jesus,

Today, I reviewed all my notes from my Learnings Notebook, and realized that I haven’t really been living up to the four agreements by Ruiz. My words aren’t impeccable. In fact, I always find fault. Second, I take everything personally when people’s reaction, attitude towards me isn’t a reflection of what I want them to be. Third, I am not in my best mode yet. I haven’t really worked hard to be my authentic self. Lastly, I assume. I assume a lot of things. Worst of all, I assume that everyone hates me. Why on earth are they even going to spend time competing or hating me? Everyone is innately selfish, so all must be working hard towards their own goals. Unless stated, I shouldn’t have sweeping statements and convoluted assumptions. Thank you for this reminder. Also, Networking is highlighted again. Yes, the message is clear. I need to network. In fact, I created my own types of friends: the energy suckers, energy boosters, energy energizers, energy dependents and energy models. Hmmm. Need to submit the meaning of each to Thought Catalogue. Well, I’ll never know. Personal branding also came up. Yes, Lord. I am a work in progress. With You, this journey will succeed. I learn also that habits should be tackled one at a time; the mind and body can only take so much. I am finally done with my journal writing every night and one-cup of rice challenge for more than three weeks now. Tomorrow, I’ll start off with No-coke challenge. Hmmm. All for your glory! Stepping up the game!

Sending smiles,

Your Kimkim

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Daily Message from God #3

Dear Jesus,

I read Coffee Lunch Coffee by Muller, Never Eat Alone by Ferrazzi and The Charisma Myth by Olivia Bane. All three books discussed a common theme, networking. What have I learned from the books? I must be proactive in building my network by inviting people to lunch or dinner, asking them important questions, and being genuine, open, warm, powerful and present in the process. Also, Muller suggested to build a portfolio that contains my elevator pitch, resume, 300 to 500 bio and update it often. She insisted that we be prepared to present ourselves once thrown in the pond. Because of that, I created a professional page. Honestly, it’s seems awkward and daunting to invite a CEO or someone in position over for dinner even if we haven’t established that pond. But Muller highlighted that we can mitigate this by preparing in advance, asking important questions, showing what we can lay on the table, and projecting warmth, power and presence.

Actionable plan: Start my Networking Plan where I write my goals, the people I want to network, and the people I already know. I must also be clear on what I want to be known for and establish a brand for myself and sell it. In my case, I think I really want to be known as a great influencer and a legendary world-class empowering public speaker and coach who changes thousands of lives (dream big right? Hihihihi). Everything I study should bolster that image from clubs, networks to projects and skills. Thanks for this message tonight.

For my passage readings today, I tag Isaiah 10 as pride. It reminds me to humble myself. The chapter speaks of God’s wrath upon the King of Assyria who thinks he conquered Israel out of his own might. In the same way, I shouldn’t acknowledge everything as a product of my own effort. Nope. Everything comes from You! Isaiah 11 is unity. It speaks of the time when Ephraim would not be envious of Judah anymore, and Judah wouldn’t be an inimical enemy to Ephraim. Instead, God will use both for His glory.  Isaiah 12 is Thanksgiving. Because of this reconciliation, we would remember Christ as the source of our strength and courage. Isaiah 13 is Trust. God is already in the future. He allows the savior to sprang from the shoot of Jesse. Although he has all good things prepared for the Israelites, they must undergo the trials as a cause of their sin. Probably the message is God’s faithfulness to His promise and divine justice.

Thank you for promising a surprise for this week.

Sending smiles,

Your Kimkim

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Half of 2016 Updates

The BIG QUESTION is… where is Kayla now after her Fulbright stint?

My shocking response has always been: In the house.

While many expected me to do BIGGER things, I have been staying at home since June, reflecting on the experience and planning the next five years of my life. It’s not that it’s my choice. My entry was late, so most universities no longer have vacant posts. Instead of fretting over the unexpected disadvantage of a late return (I admit I cried every night), I decided to revisit my goals and list down my priorities for 2016. Not only that. I resolved to find joy in the WILDERNESS, believing that there is a lesson that God wants me to learn and that He wants me to experience. In the process, I discovered it to be that of humility, total surrender and faith.  Before I left, God showed me a very powerful verse Genesis 25:13. He promised that although I might not understand, He is working in the background and that He will fulfill His promise. God already sees this coming, I failed…Who am I then to control my own life? I can only surrender then. Also, I realized that no matter how hard the waiting is, there is joy – in my case, the joy of rest, family time and me-time.  Life. Life. Life is Hard but that makes it beautiful too. Knowing that I no longer can control the situation, there is hidden a deep profound joy and hope for what is to come. Build my character first. That’s it. Learn the value of money and family, that’s another. It’s been a tough yet joyful two-month wilderness. When August comes, I’m sure I’m ready to face the next awesome five years of my life because I ensured that I get in touch with my emotions by writing on my journal often and connecting with Jesus and asking for His Will for my life. In the end, I know nothing… I can’t control everything. I can only pray hard, work smart, be happy, and remember the main reason why I am striving: to get to Heaven and bring others there.

I might not have a job but two big positions have been waiting for me. The other one has always been a dream, and I cannot believe at this age I was even qualified for it. Sometimes, I would imagine myself carrying the title. Again, I can only hope and do my best. The interview is underway. In fact, I’ll be facing the heads of this country for that. Scary.

Has 2016 been abundant? Yep. There’s an abundance of friends, experiences and travels.  I can’t wait to set foot in Europe in November and in Indonesia in September *fingers crossed*. While battling the urgency to dive into a job just for the sake of the job, I came across a quote that says, “A short stop in the journey can lead to tremendous discoveries”. True enough, I discovered more and more about myself, more about the needs of my family (I can’t wait to materialize all of them) and more about Jesus.

Have I been so optimistic all this time? H**** no! I cried for the first three weeks, on and off, day in day out. I even felt like I was stuck in a rut and the Fulbright experience was just a waste…the effects of depression you know. But here I am again, optimistic, moving forward.

The next question is… What are your plans for 2016?

I drafter 22 BIG GOALS for 2021. In fact, I write them every morning and every evening before I go to bed. I cannot share them here however because it’s like a sacred agreement between me and God. Now, they’re part of me that I can easily recall them word for word. Listing them helps me prioritize what’s important. Remember, I’m only giving myself five more years left to fulfill all my unfulfilled plans. I want to devote the next 5 years after that for my new family. In fact, I envision myself homeschooling my children and be a hands-on mom and in order for me to do that, I must build a fortune now and build successful businesses. “You can ask your husband for that!” one friend commented. Honey, I cannot just depend on my own husband. We should work for it together. I might be wrong, but that’s how I see marriage.

What have I learned and improved on for the past six months?

Well, I became….

  • self-reliant.
  • optimistic and admirer of life after the many hurdles I surpassed.
  • understanding and empathetic. I see people, situations in a different lens now.
  • patient especially when things aren’t going as planned.
  • humbe. I no longer brag about my accomplishments. I zip my mouth if it does not benefit the others.
  • more loving towards myself. I put myself first this time and give it the respect it needs. My low self-esteem can be traced back to the 1990s and hasn’t left ever since. However, I am doing small things like daily appreciation and celebration for my accomplishments to show my self the love it lacks. Let’s just say, I’m not hard on myself anymore.
  • respectful towards my parents. I serve them now and no longer answer them back.
  • asssertive. I am no longer taken aback by a person’s accomplishments. As long as I know I am right, I will say my points with respect.


Also, I started…

  • doing my daily online journals with self-checks, celebrations, prayers, etc.
  • my own project in youtube (reading bible verses and posing reflection questions)
  • my OraTOR book which I will publish in December and give as a gift to myself.
  • reading the bible according to book instead of according to Church readings. In this way, I don’t lose the entire message of the book. I finished Proverbs, Sirach, Wisdom, Song of Songs and Job.
  • listing my 22 goals every morning and every night to take them to heart.
  • saying “JUST DO YOUR PART” every morning and every night to feel the urgency of the five years.
  • writing summaries and application notes in my BOOK notebook to ensure that I remember what I read, the quotes and what I learned from what I read and the actions I need to take after reading them. In fact, most of the changes in my routines are products of the suggestions in the self-help books I’ve read from Ziglar, Maxwell, Warren, Baker, Stanley and Ruiz. I so miss Barnes & Noble. Reading without a change in behavior is not true learning. At least when I remember to do the best I can with what I have with whatever situation I am in, I will remember Maxwell’s Intentional Living. When I say, “Just do it/do your part”, I will remember Ruiz’s “Five Agreements. When I list my 22 goals, Ziglar’s The Power of Goal Setting will come to mind. Whenever I ABSGG (Address Past Issues, Break Bad Habits, Set High Standards, Go Save and Go to God) and respect the five-year retreat, Stanley is recalled. Whenever I pray and memorize verses (tons of them), I will remember Warren and Baker. Applications make me remember authors best. Plus, I can review some of their key points.


Most are self-transformation and not the acquiring of material wealth. Although that’s part of the plan, I am more determined to develop myself.

Sending smiles and hugs,





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Photo Journal #50: January 29, 2016 (Friday)/ The 5Th Wave at Tanforan

My second movie for the month, The 5th Wave. I so love Evan (Alex Roe).  


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