Photo Diary #107: October 07, 2018 Sunday, Toad Hall

Live upward, inward and outward!

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 2.17.33 pm

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Photo Diary #102: September 30, 2018 Sunday, ANU/And Prayer

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.30.02 pm

Early in the morning, I submitted an abstract to ConSOLE. I guess, even if I failed… I’m proud of myself for trying this month. I applied to ANU summer research scholarship, ConSOLE, and ISFIT 2019.

Today, God simply acknowledged that and whispered I’m enough. What demotivated me is not being on top this semester. If that’s always my goal, then I would never feel enough.

I must always stick to my skills instead of being somebody I am not. But also God encourages me to not give up on my dreams. So far, I have three universities in mind. I won’t reveal them yet. I just feel safe at this stage of my life. Pastor Rick Warren also emphasized not being afraid.

What am I really afraid of? Not providing for my parents? Being too poor, being underestimated… I don’t feel secure, to be honest. But with God by my side, I’m sure I am enough. I’m no longer afraid. That Syntactic Theory problem set? I won’t figure it out! But that’s okay! That Structure of English paper? I won’t impress the professor, but that’s fine! That Quanti paper? Will it matter? Probably not, but it’s absolutely fine. That programming I’m putting off? Nah, will it matter in the end? What if I don’t learn how to program? What’s the worst that can happen? I would still be eating, praying, laughing, dancing, traveling. So it’s not a life or death situation. That summer scholarship? I may not be enough in their eyes, but hey, I am enough in God’s eyes. My extreme receptive skills but nil productive skills in terms of vocabulary, oral speaking and writing? That’s fine! I accept it.  This I hold on to: if it’s for me, it’s for me. I just have to be held because as long as I’m trying, I’m fighting and not giving up, I’ll get to where God intends me to be.

God, I want to take this moment to lift everything up to you. Keep my eyes on You and Your purpose and on the prize! Direct me to where you want me to be! Lead me God to where you want me to be! I am sure I’ll get to where you want me to be someday. I am tired of all the running, of all the trying to be someone else I’m not. I’m willing to try, but I’m not gonna force myself. Lead me God to where you want me to be… in the end, as long as You are with me, I’m in the right place.

I love you God.

Yours forever,

Your Kimkim


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Photo Diary #98: September 25, 2018 Tuesday, ANU

Got my result today for Structures… Not bad but definitely not the highest. Again I received deductions from items I carelessly wrote. Tsk.

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Photo Diary #77: September 04, 2018 Tuesday, Toad Hall

Tried making rolls but failed…hahahaha

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Photo Diary #76: September 03 2018 Monday, Civic

Bought groceries, vacuumed my room, threw the trash and met ate Ida while eating KFC. She was able to support most of her nephews and nieces, even married late(at 35) cos she wanted to look after their mom and wasn’t able to finish high school so she could help her parents. But God turned her situation around… She’s been married to an aussie teacher for 20 yrs now and a mother to two handsome fil-aussie teenagers…

Lesson learned: God rewards generosity…God sees…

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Photo Diary #57: August 15, 2018 Wednesday, Toad Hall

Forgot to capture it but today I learned how to make pesto pasta with Melda and had a great chat with Reza, my blockmate.

And oh, in the morning I watched the Spy Who Dumped Me. I need rest days like this.

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Daily Photo Diary #42: July 31, 2018 Tuesday, ANU

And I tell y’all my spread this sem is against my favor

From transformational to lexically-based theory in Syntax? 😟

Doing this for my future students!

Below is the c-str of a certain African language in an LFG model.

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Daily Photo Diary #38: July 27, 2018 Friday, Canberra Centre

Quantitative lecture in the morning, 🚶 Canberra centre after to buy ingredients and baking pans +o cooking my first (failed) chocolate chip cookies and Vietnamese pork with Melda at 🕔. +he day ended at 🕛 midnight for me after a long call from my mom.

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Jesus, Thank you!

God urged me to type this down today. I realised I haven’t written anything in here for the past months. Also, please excuse my grammar. I want it to be bare, to be as unedited to show how I write to God the way I do 🙂

Last March 31, 2018 at Yass, NSW river, 2 PM, I took a bold stand of professing my faith in public and udergoing water baptism. While discerning about it for the past week (for the past three years actually since US!) amidst the tests and the chaos of temporal things, God spoke to my heart and asked me when I am willing to proceed in this walk with Him. I also realised that God will not be able to use me if I don’t stand up for what I believe in and if I continue to be a lukewarm Christian in general, be it Catholic or protestant. For that reason, I decided it’s time to end the confusing and the running and the hiding and the evading. When Pastor Patrick put me into the river for a few seconds, I felt safe and at peace and when the pulled me up, I felt total surrender. I can’t help but smiling. That’s it! hahahaha! Nothing too dramatic. Before going to the river for my turn, I talked to God I told him, “I am scared of the river. Is it safe?” “I will walk with you everywhere you go” that’s what he whispered. I remembered responding, “Okay let’s go.” What’s seemingly odd is through Pastor Patrick’s prayer, God is affirming my vision of seeing the one soon… God is assuring me that he’s creating a love story with me. It can actually be interpreted as “It’s our love story” or “It’s a love story ordained by God, so he creates it with me, with us.” Either way, I felt at peace. I guess I am in the phase of my life where I see the temporariness of everything. The greatest failure is being successful at unimportant things.

Dear Jesus,

Here we are. I am bare in front of you. But unlike any other, you accepted for who I am. People ran when they finally see who I am. People evade me when they start seeing greatness or weakness, but you stuck with me through it all. Such a cliche, but it’s true. Ever since I was young, you made me feel how special I am in your eyes. From my prayers of, “God give me cake on my birthday!” to “God take me to Japan please” to “God bring me to Europe”… and still growing, you are like a lover who spoiled me and want to give the whole world to me. You blessed me with all those even if I don’t deserve them. It was a love-hate relationship. Whenever you said no, I started grumbling. Not a great Christian example. But still you continued to discipline me and mold my character. I never knew I would change until I started seeing gradually a change in my heart. From pride to surrender, from low self-esteem to courage, from ambitions to progress. You brought me to places not to build my resume, but to grow in this journey with you. You brought me to the US to show me that the world is grand and I’m not the main actress. You brought me to the UK to show me that politics isn’t for me, that my heart of competition will take me nowhere. You took me to ANU to show me that even the famous university can still create doubts in my mind and dissatisfaction. You took me to those places to bring me back to that little child who only depended on You and whose only ambition is to serve you.

Last year and 2016 was tough for me and for my family. We didn’t know where to get our food next, so my mom was drowning in debts. I was jobless after my US stint, and someone took credit for what I worked hard for me. I remembered every night crying in the sofa in my sister’s room while they are still asleep. I was talking to you constantly. I remember sunking so low because I get to experience selling in our store. But of course I unerstood that You brought me to that place to help me learn the value of service and humility. You showed me the metaphor of doors ( https://journeyofthetheoxenophile.wordpress.com/2016/09/11/lessons-from-god/ ). It’s amazing God how you were true to your promise…

Then Appen came. It was a new experience, but I still couldn’t help asking why Appen and not CHED. I was hired at CHED but resigned afterwards after three days because after discerning you directed me towards Appen. I prayed so hard in those days, and when I finally picked Appen, again I was at peace. Little did I know it’s my passage to Australia, to ANU…
Thank you for showing me “Just be Held” in 2016 in those times of doubts and meaninglessness. And so I did, I let myself be held by you… and you brought me here. Thanks GOd! “Your world is not falling apart, it’s falling into place”. I held on to that for so long… and now it made sense. Thank you God!

And then you showed me to the people I have broken relations with: Dr. Pilapil for being my PHD professor, and the dean of school of Education. You also introduced me to the best professors of Qual and Quan research at AdDU. Little did I know I will encounter those terms after six months again here.

While still at Appen, we still sunk deep into debts…This time I struggled with my finances and spending. I always wanted to buy converse for myself, nike and all those stuffs. My pants were giving out… but althoguh my salary is so huge! I couldn’t buy them. I was also sinking lower and lower… to the point of pawning my rings at Palawan pawnshop just to survive weekly. I asked you to take me out of it, of the rat race so I can start again… and God, where I am now I look back and realised you granted that prayer.

I lived in a stinky boarding house, I was crying every evening and have it in my prayer: to live in a comfortable place. ANd you did. My room is perfect now. I asked how I couldn’t find for great activities everywhere I go, and now I’m surrounded by activities, activties I didn’t even experience while I was doing my undergrad! I remembered crying because my shoes hurt and I ddin’t do anything, I didn’t replace them… my pants uncomfortable… and when you brought me here, I look back at the things I know own and I realised that after a year, you did grant those little wishes. You are an awesome GOd! You are true to your promises! You are the Great I Am! You are amazing God! You love us immensely but you are far more interested in molding our character. In those times of debt and poverty, you showed me the importance of temperance and self-control! Now I own stocks and I have savings! God you heard me! You heard me God!!!! Thank you so much for where I am now! For pulling me out and for giving me a new beginning! I was so ungrateful when I came here and You did show everything to me, and now I promise myself that everyday every day, I will worship you, give thanks and pour out myself in service for others, and ENJOY every moment and every opportunity. I am so grateful for everything now God! Thank you! Thank you!!! For my new assessment! For the coming weeks! For the amazing people I met! For faith, for a change in my mentality! Thank you God for the comfort and peace most of all! God you heard us! You heard us! I can’t help crying in writing this letter of thanks. You heard my prayers back in 2016 and 2017. God, thank you for being true to Your promise. This experience is so much more… it’s not just a scholarship, it’s a revelation of Your faithfulness, forgiveness, generosity and love. When I’m finally here I knew You had this planned ever since!

Thank you God… and these words have meaning for me now.

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Why do we brag?

Proverbs 27: 2 Let another praise you, and not your own mouth;
a stranger, and not your own lips.

I’m too guilty of this

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