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Photo Journal #31: June 9, 2014 (Monday)/Thank-You Note to Gelatea

Lesson learned: write blog post every day to avoid rushing writing. Sorry for the lazy hurried post again. Went to record my script first in the uni. I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result because of my gasps and p’s so I hurried to the recording studio at GMALL to record again. But before that, i went to Cafe France for my merienda (pasta pomodoro and three croissants) .The voice quality of the recording’s good plus the service’s great. I love the way the old owner and the assistant attended to my needs. Plus, I received compliments which I didn’t from proud school heads. Yeah. Although ice creams are the worst enemy of Voice talents, I ended up having three scoops of Mango float flavor from Gelatea. Yummmy!!! You know what’s the greater blessing today? I was able to concoct a thesis proposal for two hours (weird, coz I’d been planning about it for ages) due the next day. And I know, it was the spirit who helped me. Thank you, triune God!!!




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Photo Journal #26: June 4, 2014 (Wednesday)/Letter to an Inmate

Finally, after half a month, the Death Row project’s letter containing my assigned death row inmate arrived at 8:00 a.m. I did not expect crying after reading “my new penpal’s” desperate plea for a letter mate. Who wouldn’t respond to that immediately eh? Since I still had pending postcards to send, I also decided to mail them to Russia and Germany along with the letter. By the way, my afternoon’s spent with ate Angie, watching “Maybe This Time”. #laidback wednesday, yes.





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Photo Journal #23: June 1, 2014 (Sunday)

Today, I wrote my friend a letter for her birthday at 2:30 p.m while waiting for my 6:00 p.m. mass schedule. I also refocused my goals using Dr. Schwartz’ 10 Year Guide and his 30-day improvement plan. I believe the news I received from Ma’am Gladish about my exemplary evaluation from San Pedro College sparked my interest again in improving my teaching craft: A great news to thank for the day, and in focusing on what truly matters in life: giving back and loving.



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Photo Journal #20: May 29, 2014 (Thursday)

went to Minlab Davao today for my laboratory. After, I decided to stay at Dunkin Donut’s just in front of the lab to read while Papa had his check-up with a neurologist. It’s great to have capped the day off by leaving a note to Gee and Anne for being so accommodating. 😉




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1,000 Notes from Heaven

“1,000 Notes from Heaven” is one of my works of mercy. I promise myself to write a thank you letter, give a gratitude note or send an appreciation message through email or other social media to at least 1, 000 people. I believe this is one of the best ways to be a blessing to my neighbors and to fulfill the will of Jesus for me. This activity leaves me looking forward to each day. You should try it! I just want to inform you beforehand, however, that this activity is addicting. Yep, at first, I was a little hesitant and shy to write a thank you or praise note to random people (usually in restaurants) and even to individuals I know but believing that this simple act of kindness will make them see the world in a better light pushed me. Now, I extremely love doing it without a tinge of reluctance.

The List

1. Ate Icely – my friend

2. Jacky  – my buddy

3. Jayron – my classmate

4. Edwina – Vendor of Squid balls in Victoria Mall

5. Barrio Bistro Staff – a restaurant

6. Mang Ineng’s – a diner

7. Michelle – my co-lector in Sta. Ana Parish

8. Kuya Lito – my co-lector and mentor in Sta. Ana Parish

9. Ate Tetchi – my co-lector and partner in Sta. Ana Parish

10. Ate Mayang – my aunt and former professor in NDMU

11. Kristina – my childhood best friend

12. Ma’am Jearvy – my classmate in my USEP French class

13. Ate Kristy – my co-lector and friend, a psychologist.

14. I honestly forgot who’s no 14 but certainly, there’s someone who received a thank you from me.

15. Gee and Kath- from Dunkin Donut’s (May 29, 2014)

Thank you Gee and Kath for the smile! :D

Thank you Gee and Kath for the smile! 

  • I will do my best to take photos next time. By the way, my parents and siblings always get hugs, kisses, gifts and thank yous from me so for now, they’re not included. 😀
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