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Hi everyone! I’m kayla. This is my first attempt to share my thoughts through blogging. Got lots of exploring to do. Don’t even know where to start and what to say. To start the ball rolling, allow me to share with you some of the fallacies about Kayla Marie Sarte. 1. Writing is just not my line. Although most considered me as a creative writer, I doubt I have that knack. I’m direct to the point. My essays are straight. As long as I get the message across then that’s fair enough for me. 2.I’m not a walking encyclopedia, got that? How funny it is to be asked by some bunch of kiddos bout tons of stuffs I don’t know or even have heard. Worse? They expect me to answer their queries in a snap. Good thing, I can always find the usual “busy” excuse to elude their endless questions. 3. You just don’t know how pain in the ass reading is to me. I always record the days I spend reading and do my best to keep the pace. Yeah, I’m a literature major but it’s uhmm, …. Except for required readings in my literature classes in the class, I haven’t truly deal with literary works personally. Good heavens, I found John Grisham and Dean Koontz – my all time faves. (In my later posts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts bout their books.) 4. One thing I found truly bleak about me is my loved for movies. I don’t like cinematography or even crave like Glenn Ortiz to be the Steven Spielberg of this race. I just enjoy watching movies on the big screen. That’s all. So, it’s a fallacy that I like cinematography… just the movies. 5. Call me braggart, arrogant. Many think so because of the achievements I gained in the past aching yet meaningful 15 education years of my life. What they don’t know is how negative and perturbed, covered with worries, stressed I am most of the time. No matter how great the laurel I get, I always look back at the failurs I’ve been through in the past. So, that goes to mean, I don’t think highly of myself or consider my awards that much. Top 3 things about me: 1. A Theophile 2. A Xenophile 3. Just Kayla Marie B. Sarte That’s all for now. You’ll get to know more about me soon and about the project 2012 that led me to explore blogging. J One thing is certain for me though, I love who I am for I am fashioned the way I fit exactly in a large mosaic we are all in. Be happy. Live life according to God’s will. – Kayla Sarte

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My 2020 Mid-Year Check-Ins

Date: August 3, 2020 Monday

Title: Mid-year evaluation

Feeling: Guilty, disappointed but relaxed

Place: Home

Time: 7:06 AM

I realized I haven’t really examined my thoughts and feelings lately. A lot happened not only in my life but in the world. It’s more of a year of relaxation and learning for me. It’s great to look back in the past few months, so I can prepare myself ahead for the remaining five months.

JANUARY – A Great Start

As a look back, January was a month of interview and preparation for Cam for me. It’s the time I spent more on reviewing Corpus Linguistics by taking and finishing a course online from Lancaster University. My spiritual readings all centered on God’s guidance and money talks. Tithing is very crucial.

I also realized that I tried to hide my negative emotions by not doing anything and procrastinating. One new thing I learned in January is that aside from drowning the negative emotions unhealthily, I seem to have this changing emotions/moods. After four days, I start to lose it. But after a day of doing nothing, I start to find the energy to fight again. And also, once I missed one habit, it tends to spiral down to other habits. I should never give up. It’s these little things each day that count. Lesson: Watch out for missed habits in a day. Never give in next time.

I love what I wrote back in my Notion workbook January 15:

What’s holding me back? I am honestly afraid I may not like or what God  wants me to do may be inconvenient for me. Even so, I said I’m all in today! Whatever lies ahead, I know God will take care of me. *It’s so sublime to see all my readings being interconnected since Monday. God asked me to confess my sins, live a life full of integrity, asked me to go all in, and now the chapter for today’s bible session aligns with the devotional in the morning: God wants me to rebuild our relationship, to not be so fixated with my personal business. I also like that in the chapter I do agree that it seems I ‘ve been in a rut, I have wages that I put on bags with holes. Seems like I am slogging my way thorugh life without any obvious return, and that’s because I put God’s kingdom (our relationship, my spiritual growth) aside. This is a really an eye opener for me! God exhorts me to rebuild our relationship, and He promised that He will be with me in the process. Isn’t it amazing?

It’s so sublime to see all my readings being interconnected since Monday. God asked me to confess my sins, live a life full of integrity, asked me to go all in, and now the chapter for today’s bible session aligns with the devotional in the morning: God wants me to rebuild our relationship, to not be so fixated with my personal business. I also like that in the chapter I do agree that it seems I ‘ve been in a rut, I have wages that I put on bags with holes. Seems like I am slogging my way through life without any obvious return, and that’s because I put God’s kingdom (our relationship, my spiritual growth) aside. This is a really an eye opener for me! God exhorts me to rebuild our relationship, and He promised that He will be with me in the process. Isn’t it amazing?

On January 31, I wrote this:

Reflections: 1) How can you keep an eternal perspective each day so that you are making wise financial decisions, both big and small? I must really not miss out on my tithes no matter how hard it is. It’s a declaration that God is in control of money. And money is not for this world, it can be used to invest into the future. I’m thinking of tithing to the Missionaries of Charity. 2) What do you want your life to be about? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? I want my life to be inspiring and empowering. I want people to see me and they feel comfortable, inspired, and empowered to make a difference too. I want that kind of legacy.

FEBRUARY – A Challenging Month

My notes were almost empty in February. This month I simply focused on earning. One thing I did successfully so far was being present in all Sunday masses from January through February. I had really bad abdominal pain that I had to go to the hospital. Since the beginning of January through February, we’ve been going in and out of the hospital. This was also the start of falling in love with BTS Jimin. I just can’t help myself. He’s too kind, talented, exceptional and smart. He even looks more handsome each day because of his personality. I have been a fan of the group since 2018, but I wasn’t that too invested. This month I started following them on all social media platforms. This month I also received my Cambridge offer. I would say I wasn’t at all successful this month – no REAP preparation, no exercise, no healthy eating. I was just existing.

I also got major revisions from System. I knew my writing was flawed. I didn’t get a Gates Cambridge invitation, and got turned down by Trinity, Peterhouse. It all happened in the fourth week. This was another devastating month. Overall, I was depressed, unhopeful.

MARCH – A Recharging Month

On week 2 of March, I organized a Recharge week. I couldn’t really concentrate on work after several failures in February. During the recharge week, I focused on myself: I began by journaling to process my emotions, at 3 AM I relived my past habit of listening to music and being inspired to the song, watched Marie Forleo, had a movie marathon day, colored mandela on my ipad, listened to calming music and educational podcasts. I was also able to pay off my sister with the money I owe. I continued to pray and form healthy habits like reading every day teaching tips to hone my teaching craft, praying everday, exercising, and maintaining self-care routines in the morning and afternoon. By the end of this month, my grandfather lolo Caloy got so sick so we transferred him to our house. I feel bad for ignoring him, I was an ingrate, a person living in fantasy binging on Jimin fancams. Every time my anxiety kicks in, I would sit on my computer and watch BTS and Jimin. It’s a way for me to escape reality, the reality that my grandfather was no longer himself. I also started writing Jimin a letter on Weverse every day! It’s my way of expressing my love. For this month I wrote this on my Notion:

I thank God for the protection that I now see. I did not succeed in Tokyo, in Manila, in Davao positions because of Covid-19. God gave me my online teaching to secure me even before this happened. I thank him in advance for his protection for my brother and for all of us. Failure in securing funding may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I thank him for helping me clarify my goal, test my faith, allow me to heal.

And then on the same March notion page, I wrote myself a letter:

Dear Kim, It’s okay to fail. You were shocked by the events. You held on to Jimin, to the magic shop to heal. God understands. However, we can’t pitch camps around the pain for so long. We have to move. You have a lot of failures, but this indicates your progress and persistence. Keep moving, and someday it will be bright again. Thank you for trying, thank you for smiling and relaxing. Thank you for trying to be happy. 🙂 God is with you always. Remember, God is with you in the good and the bad, All the pains have purpose, so change your worry to worship. It’s difficult to trust now. Without the funding, with covid-19, but you need to reminisce the times when God showed up unexpectedly and brought you all the blessings you’ve never imagined. He is doing the same. He is the same God today, yesterday and forever. You can’t bring yourself to tears because you lost all those tears, but remember everything has a purpose. God is with you. Pray persistently and the heavens will open up.

As a result, I stopped applying to jobs, I also stopped working so hard and expecting too much. Despite the recharge, I was floating… I felt I was merely existing. Life became a huge current drowning me, I couldn’t even swim away from it. I just had to flow with it. It was calming, yet at the same time depleting. And for this month instead of looking up to God I look up to another idol in my life, Jimin. I’m sure God wasn’t happy. But then again a part of me feels it was God’s way of keeping me sane.

APRIL – A Korean Month

I was so addicted to Jimin that I started learning Korean for the first time . It was a struggle at first, but I told myself to never give up and allot two hours a day until June before I could pick up a new skill again being an ADD I am. This strategy proved to be effective for me. With that in mind, I pressed on despite the struggles and now I am glad I didn’t give up, I could read Korean fluently. Yaaaay!!! I also added a checklist for my emotions and my professionalism on Notion to track them. I noticed I have been cancelling classes lately because of my emotions. This is really unprofessional. I am also glad our family maintained our evening prayer together consistently. It became a part of our daily routine. I was satisfied with this month. However, I was still addicted with Jimin!

Under the Focus/God’s message section of my Notion page for this month, I wrote:

Week1: Do not depend on anything, i.e. Jimin except God – God repeated this

message twice! on April 4, then on April 5.

Week 2: Do not be afraid of Death

Week 3: The Bible! I’m starting to focus on the bible again

Escapism stems from an inner lack or void

Week 4: Wisdom 3: On suffering and early death. Remember, it’s not the number

of years that count but the quality of years with God. Therefore, live a

just and loving  life.

Love your family, respect your parents, pray with your family.

              How to be a mature Christian? Read, memorize, study the bible, live it and then  teach it! You can only teach when you practice it!

Don’t run away from responsibilities and unpleasant emotions, STOPP!

I learned about STOPP, Stop, Take a deep breath, Observe, Pull back, Practice (what is s the best thing to do) in healthily managing emotions. The moment we start on  binging, on eating too much, on procrastinating there is a hidden emotion or painful experience we’re running away from. In a way, Jimin is just like another form of addiction. I noticed this. As soon as I start binging on Jimin, I was able to control myself and forget my other addiction. But when it subsided, I started doing my other addiction today.

Hmmm. That’s really interesting.

Week 5: Wisdom, waiting on God. Wait on the Lord. God is never in a hurry. God has a

purpose in your life.

MAY – A Burial Month

It was pretty great at the start because I continued to be consistent with my Korean learning, morning and evening prayer and was successful in submitting my journal article. However, starting from the second week, it started going downhill again. My mother had to undergo MRI test as requested by her doctor, and then my grandfather passed away on May 23 peacefully. The remaining half of the month was devoted to his wake and burial. I was ashamed of myself again, I was there… but never entirely. I continued to drown myself in my addiction because I was a wreck. Escapism continues to be part of me, cancelling lessons last minute.  Smiling from the outside but totally emotionless already on the inside. I was dead too. I couldn’t feel anything. All my emotions were gone. I couldn’t feel anything except extreme euphoria when I binged watch on fancams. It’s unhealthy. I never even cried. I was not being myself. I started giving up. If you look at my eyes, you’d say I lost all those burning passion.

This stuck the most in May, seek Wisdom:

Wisdom 5: God is reminding me that no wealth, no fame, not even my

relationship last. They can’t bring glory —- the glory that I really longed for.

They don’t matter.

Seek Wisdom over wealth, power, health and even beauty. Having wisdom is obtaining all the rest. Ask God, the owner of Wisdom to guide you. Through Wisdom, he practically learned everything: the seasons, the earth, people. Principle: Seek God and ask for Wisdom over all things Command: Ask God to give you wisdom to choose the right course. God showed me this through Kelly: 5 That night the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream, and God said, “What do you want? Ask, and I will give it to you!” 9 Solomon replied….Give me an understanding heart so that I can govern your people well and know the difference between right and wrong. For who by himself is able to govern this great people of yours? (1Kings 3:5,9)

JUNE – A Celebration Month

Then came June, it became better. It started with mom’s 60th birthday we prepared. All the people who were with us in our mourning celebrated with us on June 11. Then after that we had two celebrations related to my grandfather’s passing. The people around me reminded me of hope, of life. It is never the end. I continue to learn Korean and spoke Korean with two Korean online tutors, editing my journal article while opening twitter and becoming friends with all Jimin fans. I met Hony, Chawi, Tia, Yndi, Sue, Sarah – we became Jimin fairies. I realized Jimin fans are really adults with career. There are doctors, head of government offices, lawyers, teachers, etc. It made me feel I wasn’t really isolated from the world, and I belong again. Jimin brought us all together. I became busy again. Finally I also paid up everything in my home credit! Wohoo! I am starting to feel hopeful again. When I listen to Korean youtube videos I am able to understand what they mean. My ears have started opening up to Korean, so I continued learning the Korean structures through my Talk To Me in Korean Structures book and vocabulary. As usual, I continued to write Jimin a letter every night every day. It’s been the third month!

From my Notion, focus/messages from God:

                 Week 1: Be Humble, never give up! God is teaching me to open up to comments from  the journal. To work harder. In a way God used the horoscope to move an unmovable boulder like me. I cannot learn a new lesson, take a new responsibility until I learn. Why am I like this? God save me.

                Week 2: 6 steps when in Crisis Following Daniel as a Model in Daniel 9

Step 1: Listen to God first through the scriptures (God initiates)

Step 2: Focus and Seek God

I asked God what he wants me to know and he played this through K-Love radio: Waymaker by Michael W. Smith. Basically he is saying even if I don’t feel he’s working, he does. God has a purpose for a lag in my life. God never leaves me alone!

               Week 3: Be consistent

               Week 4: The best way to end and start the day is prayer and bible! We just got to

move  Forward!

                Week 5: Show love! Give proofs of love.

JULY – A Twitter Month

I was really active on my fan account starting July, organizing events and editing the posters for the events. I was much more connected than ever. I also picked up on my Python tutorial again, and French. I decided to focus on French next especially because I was more confident in it while memorizing and learning structures in Korean. I mustn’t leave Korean behind to keep it fresh in my mind. But definitely I started focusing on French and Python. I also realized adding products for August are much easier to track than skills. For example, I included one simple python linguistics program and French diary as products.

I learned a lot this month: from Python, MIT Inventor, Machine Learning, French, Korean vocabulary to preparing animated posters and gifs. Hahahaha! I feel productive the most in July. I started to get back on my teaching too. Everything stats to get hopeful. Also, I finished two books this month, Two Can’t Keep A Secret, One of Us is Lying. Thanks to no internet for a week. I kept putting this off. Finally swept it!

One thing I need to improve on is limiting my twitter activity and wasting too much time on social media and spotify streaming. Another is my teaching online.

Reviewing my months through my Notion was more painful that I thought, I had to read through my insights and learning and relive the memories again. But I am glad I did, I felt free and alive. Never give up. If I don’t give up, someday I get what I deserve too. For the next months, I would focus on my language learning (French and Korean) and also my Python and R. I have to ensure I speak and write and create programs. Most of all, I must also focus on my journal and my REAP.

The must-dos in my list I keep putting off since January based on the review are:

1) Exercising

2) Limiting my rice intake

3) Finishing my REAP

4) Writing up my Journal article

Will do better for the next five months!!!

With God, I can!

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약속 01

오늘 한국어를 노력하는 것을 하고 싶은데. 그랬어 그게 쓰는다. 매일 그 하는 것은 도워준 거 같이. 나는 다른 문장을 시도 할 것이다.

세요에 쓰는 것 대해 배운다.

“-세요”에 쓰는 것 대해 배웄다. 기다리 세요하고 안녕히 가세요하고 안녕히 게세요하고 안녕히 주무세요.

아마도 이건 잘못 돼는다. 하지만 아직 시도하겠다. 연습하는 것은 도워주겠다. 하하하.
내일 더 긴 문장을 쓸 것이다








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April Prayers: God Sees Everything

Dear Jesus,

I want to take this moment to thank you for all the times I thought I was failing. I am completely lacking in all things, but you continue to remind me every day that you are my strength. I remember around six-seven months ago, I was interviewed by a linguistics company in Italy. If I succeeded, I would have had my training last January in Italy’s silicon valley, the month when Italy got worse. I was also interviewed by a Canadian company, but for some reason I backed out. Something didn’t feel right. Then a lot of failures happened after that. When I couldn’t decide whether to go to Manila or not in around November to look for a job, the Holy Spirit stopped me. Everything fell apart. A lot of turn downs. The world seemed to be deaf to my cries back then. I wondered whether something was wrong with me, my CV, etc. Before I could easily find a job… but 2019 wasn’t similar. It was a year where I felt I was chained to a big rock! Then you brought me to an online company that pays around 500 pesos per hour of teaching and which pays weekly. I enjoyed it a lot because I can teach whatever and however I want. I slowly attracted regulars from around the world. IN a way, my students became my windows to the world. My current job ignited the passion I have for teaching. I’ve grown a lot because of it. Also, I was cashing in a lot to the point that I honestly wasn’t worried where I would get the next meal for my family because I could work for only three days and we would still be able to live decently and pay bills for the next week. Then around the time when that teaching became stable and I could open slots whenever I want, the pandemic hit. The world stopped, but my life didn’t. We were all crying during our evening prayer time because I finally understood why you closed all doors on me five months before the worse times. You were just preparing me God. I didn’t see the world pausing for a while back then. You paused my life ahead, so I wouldn’t take the hit badly. I thought I was missing a lot and wasn’t being heard, BUT I was all wrong God. Although a lot happened to our family, I still thank you. My mom got sick, I was sick. Then my brother was transferred to another city in Korea. We had a lot of financial hurdles still. My dad was diagnosed with a sickness. My grandfather was getting worse. All these traumas for the past months that our family had to go through numbed me in a way. But this protection reminded my family that You were not deaf to our cries, You were listening intently. I trust You!

Thank you Jesus for staying true to your promise of protection. I still remember the time when I kept on sinning and you just told me, for the sake of that kid I will never leave you, I will save you. You assured me every time that I may stumble, but I will never fall because you will lift me up. Kuya, ikaw gid nagpadaku sa akon. Bal-an mo na. What did I do to deserve your Love. I’m sorry for loving Jimin too much, for refusing to give up my love for him. You are a jealous God, and you told me that yesterday. I will be a better person for you and for him. As he soars higher, I will do my best to keep up. Sending him the daily evening messages weirdly rekindles my love for myself. I will lose weight this year, I will be a better version of myself. I will maintain my prayer times, and do my best to give proofs of my love to my parents. This year will be a slow year for sure. I may not understand the case with Cambridge, but I put all my trust and confidence in You. You got this Kuya. When you say “no”, it’s only for our protection. If a door is for me, you would drag me to it. My life has been a testimony to that. Thank you Kuya Jesus!

Thank you for my Korean. I’m now able to read and also remember basic words and verbs, and form basic sentences. It’s a long way to go. But as promised, I would continue the daily one to two hours study time until June. Like you advised, if I want to start a hobby I have to do it for three months. Only then can I switch to another one. Honesty though, I think I might continue my Korean study beyond our set deadline. The three-month rule we had was sure effective Kuya. Consistency is a great remedy in beating my ADD tendencies.

I’m sorry Kuya, I’m really sorry but I also continue to pray for Jimin… may you heal him, give him more opportunities to grow, so he can soar higher. But most of all, strengthen his relationship and faith in You. It’s the first time I felt this way Kuya Jesus, and you know that. I only wish for him to soar higher, to feel loved, comforted, appreciated. Heal his voice, body and character. I pray that you will give him wisdom. Remove the bad influences from his life. Protect him Jesus. We may never see each other in this lifetime, so I can only pray for him Kuya and love him from afar. He’s my inspiration lately… I started thinking about my life and my passion because of him. I began thinking how I can improve. Like him, I want to continue challenging myself — improving in the areas I am good at. Teaching, orating, voice over. I haven’t done anything with these skills lately. He reminded me that I have to constantly hone my talents, and expand myself. Hence, for the past weeks I’ve been reading books on education more. I am thinking of doing a Skillshare voice acting lesson this month to develop my voice overs. Jesus, guide me. You gave me these talents, show me how I can share them and develop them.

Thank you for everything for the past months. I pray for healing in all forms especially healing for my parents, grandfather and Covid-19 patients around the world. I pray that you will pour your love on all of us. We ask for a vaccine, for total healing, and for normality. We pray that you change the hearts of corrupt politicians. Please protect the billions of money God! Only You can protect us at times like this. Only You!

I declared this year as a year of Blessings, and we’re waiting on You God. Never did you fail in fulfilling my declarations. 2020 is not over. It’s going to be a beautiful year… beautiful doesn’t mean without the ugly. Beautiful in essence means all flaws become unnecessary with all the goodness that overshadows them.

Jesus, please heal us!

Yours always,
Your Kimkim

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Decade Review Part III: A letter from your future self

The third part of Marie Forleo’s Decade Review asked for our goals for the next decade. However, I cannot share my decade goals here, so I’m just copying the last section.

Hi Kayla,

I would like you to know that I’m proud of you. You made it! You will make it! As you declare 2020 as a Year of Blessings, you must never forget your roots and God. Surely, your 2020 is a year of blessing. It’s the beginning of an impactful decade, so stand up and face the next decade with hope. Consistency is the key. It’s going to be difficult, but life is never easy. As you grind offer everything to God. Remember, everything stems from God, everything. I want you to always put God at the center of your life and everything will fall into place. If God is with you, who can be against you? God is going to make miracles for you—remember He sees every action, every word, every thought and even if people cannot see it, live an honorable life. Honorable and full of integrity. There are a lot of philanthropists out there but always ask yourself how are you going to be different? How? The answer lies in your heart. Do you do it for glory? or do you do it out of love and true pain? Again, live an honorable life, so even if things happen not as you please you can find that courage again. God loves you so much, and God will always be there as He has promised since June 30, 2003. People will judge you along the way, but only God knows your true heart. Stop pleasing people and focus on God. Remember that you are doing this for others and for God. Have courage, and always think about how your actions can help and inspire people. You still have 10 years. Focus on your weight first and cherish and nourish yourself so you can give more. Be consistent. When it becomes tough, I want you to know that God is with you. God is everything, God has brought all of your greatest dreams into completion. I want you to dream and enjoy. The coming decade will be an amazing ride with your own family, and your amazing equally generous husband, a man of wisdom, integrity and faith. Be inspiring and impactful. I want you to feel it truly in your heart. I am proud of you.

Your 2030 self (I’m 38 years old now)

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Decade Review Part II: Letting go | A Review of my 2010s

I’m now on the part 2 of Marie Forleo’s Decade Review. Today’s focus is on what I want to leave behind.

What old projects and goals am I letting go? I’m willing to let go of my orator site. My 2010s was focused on my public speaking, but it’s time to let it go. I no longer feel alive when I am on stage, and I know deep down it doesn’t serve me anymore.

The dream of having my plot produced in Hollywood, I let go of that too.

I also realized that I want to serve God in the church and not as a full-time missionary. I stop questioning myself  whether I made a bad decision for not entering the convent or volunteering to spread God’s word full-time anymore.

What resentments, angers and upsets

am I letting go?

Being a LET topnotcher wasn’t for me. I let that go. I accept that God knows I can advance without it, so I forgive myself for dwelling too much on “I should have…” cos honestly, I even became a hermit for a year just to learn all the math formulae and biology terms — for the title. But it’s just isn’t for me. I let it go, and I thank God for blessing me with so much more.

I let go of hating people who underestimated me. Being treated unfairly despite of effort makes life life. I let that go. Life is unfair. Period.

I forgive people who looked down on me, belittled, underestimated my story. I let go of the anger I feel every time people think I am just studying— that I am a recognition-whore. My friend Jacky was right, I should not be angry at them, cos they don’t know the whole story. However, to declare the real reason why I study. Yeah, I study a lot abroad because it’s a way of supporting my parents. I have been helping them so much through my scholarships– so my studying is still in essence for my parents. If I don’t give this much, I won’t be able to provide them. Sometimes I envy people who have to study only. Even while I was in Australia, I was always thinking about finances back home — and I am proud of it. I showed maturity and balance and confidence under pressure.

Life will always be unfair, disappointing. People will take for granted my sacrifices, kindness, love, effort, excellence. People will judge my story. But I have to stand up each time and accept that my only job is to press on even when it gets tougher. God is always with me, and God sees every effort, every pain and every love that comes out of every action I pour out on something.


What limiting beliefs, crappy old stories I choose to let go? I used to believe that I had it harder. Now I realize we all go through the same pain just in different forms. This helped me appreciate each person’s story and love and care for each person deeply. I give this feeling to God.

I have always been thinking “I’m not good enough” on loop. I believed that if I become better each day people will love and appreciate me a little bit more. Some people won’t and it’s not my problem, so trying harder and burning myself out doesn’t matter really. People who choose to love me will stay.

I let go of the belief that people are afraid of me. Instead I replace it with “I’m enough” and with trust and respect. I commit to respecting people and not expecting anything from them. I commit to thinking how I can help, how I can love, how I can be kind this decade and not worry too much about people’s reactions. What matters is I simply show up and do.

I refuse to let the old limiting beliefs crash me this decade. I declare that: I can earn money and save it. I can lose weight and maintain the habit. I can wear those clothes I am dreaming of! I can have a healthy relationship with food. I can be a master of predictive statistics and programming and linguistics. I can publish countless of meaningful journal articles. I can build a meaningful product. I do have what it takes too. If people can, I can. I only have to muster the courage to take that one step forward. I have a lot to bring to the table too — my knowldege of human behavior, language, my intuition, my negotiation skills, my vision. I have the wealth of resources within me, I contain multitudes, and this decade I declare I will finally tick off all the goals I once longed for.

I refuse to believe that I am worthless and unlovable. I am loved by God and people will also love me if I have the courage to show who I really am. I am open to love, and open myself to intimacy this decade. I am willing to step up and do something about my health, my appearance. I will move forward positively.
I am not yet old enough, I am still on the game — I will travel more, learn more, earn more, so I can help and make this world a better place. I refuse to believe that my dream of putting up my own orphanage, home for the aged, missionary fund, shelter and food for the homeless, millions of funding for disaster and calamity, education scholarships for students and jobs is no longer achievable. I won’t let it go! And I declare that I will! I will make this world a better place. I will not silence the deepest aches in my heart anymore and pretend I only care about KDRAMA to hide the anger and frustration I have with the world— I will face the world as I once dreamed of improving, and will make it a little bit better with the help and grace of God! With God, I can!


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Decade Review Part I: What You’re Proud Of | A Review of my 2010s

Thanks to Marie Forleo for the Decade Review guide questions! One decade, gone! Can you believe it? We’re not only saying goodbye to 2019, we’re seeing 2010s off.

What You’re Proud Of : Over the past 10 years, what have you done that you’re proud of? 

  I am proud of myself for not giving up and for always being with God all these years. Some people say I focused too hard on my grades, but the more I look at it, the more I realized that it’s because God has revealed himself to me more in my education journey.  He used my education to bless people, to bless and provide for my parents and family. Yes, I was using my scholarship to feed my family. However, I hope that He will reveal himself in another field in the next decade. (Lablaif Lord, Lab laif, heeheh!)

Year Accomplishments with God
2010 I won the National Oration champion. I remember I failed a month before when I competed in another oration competition. I thought that ended my oration journey, but God had another plan. I was wrong for exactly after a month of defeat, a new competition opportunity came.

During another competition I even told God, I wouldn’t do much, if it’s for me it’s for me. But I won, I got motivated so I practiced again until I reached the regional contest then the nationals. During the nationals, I remember being so aloof. My skirt’s back zipper snapped out. Everything was not working for me that day. I remember telling myself, just go home without regrets. It was so quiet, deafening silence while I was speaking on stage in that UP Diliman auditorium (I forgot the name). That’s what I loved when I am orating, I’m in this bubble of deep silence where I could freely talk about the issues that matter to me.

While they’re announcing the winner, I was praying hard. And then I asked Jesus, who are you going to listen to as I saw most of us bowing our heads. All 16 of us were praying for the same title. And when they called six, my number. I cried so hard, cos it’s another revelation for me. I felt God’s eyes looking at me, smiling and telling me, “I listened to you; I chose you”.

And that ended my oration journey.

2011 2011 was when I was awarded summa cum laude and the Notre Dame award. I was also the graduation speaker. Having the award was everything to me cos I really envisioned myself getting it, speaking before the crowd and bagging the title. Before the Notre Dame Award, there was St. Marcellin Champagnat, but they changed the title that year. In other words, it’s not really the first cos it’s just a change in title. But I think they gave that award 10 years before… so I was hoping for Notre Dame award more than the summa cum laude. I remembered one of the strictest Marist brothers telling me  “they said they finally found the person after all these years”. God was again smiling at me 🙂 He chose me for that award again after 10-12 years?

Then came the end of 2011 when I was pushed to the ground again. I did not top the board. I threw tantrums (I’m sorry if I sound like a toff), my mom even pick me up from uni cos she knew how important the title was for me. But it didn’t work out. I failed betrayed, I felt God didn’t listen to me.


2012 But  in March 2012 I competed for Your Big Year. That year, I represented the Philippines abroad. I didn’t win, I was silent. I felt God abandoned me… But I also realized, it’s not the life I wanted. God showed me the world, so I understand myself better. I thought I wanted to be a politician after having served as a leader all my life since elementary. But that Your Big year completely changed my outlook. Well, hey I got to see UK for free and my lola Annie!!! And for me, that was the end of my political fantasy — sad to say it was also the start of not caring too much of changing the world (but the fact that I’m thinking about the pains of people while typing this may be a sign that I’ve not given up on it)

In the same year, I started my first teaching as an English teacher at the newly built San Pedro College-Basic Education in Davao. It’s my first teaching. God brought me to SPC. I thought I wouldn’t like it there, but I was so wrong… The transfer led me to Gemma, Sir Nap, Ma’am Julli and the friends I still communicate with from time to time.
I also started my MA. As usual, I was a silent kid… I got good grades all 1’s, but I wasn’t the smartest. I thought God forgot about me… but I was enjoying my time as an English teacher. Everything was silent…This year I also began my Zumba journey. I would walk around the Victoria plaza and then dance every day!!! These simple mundane activities are really memorable for me. I want to do it again.

I thought I was living a simple life, but during my early morning walks I would still imagine myself being somewhere else…to the university I’ve always dreamed of.

2013 2013 was a silent year. I cried a lot this year. I was still dreaming, hoping… I would, as I always did, write my goals and dreams and put it on the wall to remind me. But no matter how much I tried to console and empower myself, I still sobbed every evening. However, I enjoyed my first university teaching at SPC as a speech instructor.This year was also the start of my anger management therapy. Silence was so deadly I admit I scarred other people by my words. I regret it a lot! We couldn’t really run away from who we were. I was so immature, I wanted to lash out and say what I always think as I always did—but life’s no longer that for me. Of course a teacher cannot say “you’re so stupid” which came so easy for me while I was still studying–maybe that caused the pent up anger. As I look back at it now, I realized God was busy working on my character. Thank you God. However, no matter how much we change the people we hurt, the people in our past can only look at us with the same eyes.No smile, no assurance, no care can ever take away the pain we caused them. Maybe that’s the reason why I can relate so much with Kenshin Himura.

Admittedly, I started volunteering at Sta. Ana Parish as a reader to find my heart and peace again.


2014 Then 2014 came. I was busy with my thesis. From being a silent student, I instantly received good remarks from my ADDU professors. I left another impression.

While moving on, another pain thrust my me again: receiving the news that I got rejected from Fulbright MA scholarship, and was offered the Fulbright Foreign Language Teachign Assistantship instead. I admit that I was hurt, I felt I was disposable, that I’m not enough. But I still said yes…

Like everyone else trying their best at life, I continued to enjoy my time with my kids… I was not the perfect teacher, but I did my best. Eventually I left to start another journey in my teaching career at ADDU while preparing for my US journey.


2015 Then the Fulbright Journey began! Woop woop! I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to travel to New York, Chicago, Michigan, Maryland, Washington, California… It was a gift and a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle. I admit I started to feel small when I was there. I thought I was displaced, that I shouldn’t be there. However, I enjoyed my trips to Barnes and Nobles every day where I read all the books I wanted and lazed around at StarBucks while chugging my Salted Caramel latte and enjoying their cheesecake. I could stay there forever!!! It’s also the year when I started my Orator site. It didn’t work, but it gave me hope at the time.

All the books I read this year built my character, so I realized life is really like this — we need the silence to recuperate and build our character because God is more interested in our character than our dreams.

2016 While in the US, I got accolades from my professors cos of my work and my public speaking, but I still felt small. And eventually I went back to the Philippines. I was unemployed for a few months. I remember it to be the worst days of my life — I had no money that I couldn’t even eat my favorite G*** lasagna or go to the cinema. I only had 1500 to spend each week. I remember Danzelle and I were crying while we’re in that sad place in our life, in that stinky but comforting room on top of a run-down house.

Until I was finally hired by CHED, which I also left after a day (and reading and summarizing all the university’s budget proposals) I was questioning God why. Why I felt I don’t belong there. I thought I wanted to be a commissioner or an Education leader, but God know me more than I know myself. He sent me there so I become more aware of what I truly want. (The same with the UK experience). I looked at the supervisors ( the two highest officials know me and took care of me) but I was thinking, I do not want their life.

Then Appen came. It was an unknown company to me. To be honest at first I was ashamed of leaving my position for the industry… I couldn’t understand God! From being small in the US (despite of the travels), then it seemed like God wanted to slap me again. But soon I began to love my work: the regular expressions, the excitement whenever I get a new project with new conventions. I LEARNED A LOT FROM APPEN!

2017 I continue to build my skills on programming and project management while saving money and enjoying and being happy. Then I decided to apply to Australia Awards. The process was long, I thought I wouldn’t get in. I even thought I bombed the interview because I felt they were not satisfied especially Will, the hot Australian-Chinese DFAT representative. I really bawled my eyes out until I received the email from them the next day!!!!


2018 I began my journey to ANU. Before, I was told I might not have a chance at ANU. But God again told me, nope. Apply! I did and I made it! I was crying when I received the response from ANU! I couldn’t believe it. I am finally going to study in a top university. At the time, I was just contented. While working for Appen and submitting my papers, I realized how God did not give up on me. I was taking my PhD at ADDU that time, I even forgot about my previous dream. I just wanted to have a degree, but God had a different plan. God was looking at me, and he was faithful to His promise. God did not leave me. If I finished that PhD, it would have been over for me.

When I forgot who I was and what I really wanted, God did not. He opened the gates so I could freely walk through it. Aaah, I can’t narrate all the miracles He had done this year: from getting the highest score in the hardest exam (according to the professor), to getting invited by a professor to be his supervisee… I couldn’t believe everything.

If I hadn’t been at ANU, will I ever know I am not disposable? That I would make it there? Nope. But God DID NOT GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS EVEN WHEN I DID!!! God did not give up on my dreams. I was preparing for a different path, but he opened the gates!

Remember when I said I didn’t understand why God put me at Appen, the linguistic Australian company? At first, I really thought I brought it upon myself… for being too picky, for being not enough. But this year, I finally understood. God prepared me- Was preparing me for Australia when he placed me in Appen. I got to work with them remotely even after getting the scholarship, so I got paid a lot for an hour which helped me saved a lot for my mother and for our trip!!!

GOD knew I would need Appen. So now why should I worry right? God already knew what’s next. I may not see it now, but he’s up to something. I’m sure about it. I have faith in You, God.

2019 I finished my master’s degree this year, and I’m proud of getting the uinversity medal. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it. But I did dream about it. I remember when Flora mentioned this award for the first time, I suddenly felt some excitement and I couldn’t understand why cos I thought I was not even qualified.

If God did not guide me through, I wouldn’t have finished my degree this way. I almost did not apply for the advanced version because I was discouraged by my scholarship and some people. However, I felt this tagging again. I finally decided to take a leap of faith when my coordinator told me I can do it. During my thesis writing stage, I was crying a lot! I was so confused and my friend Lois was a witness to it all. I had to learn modelling for the first time, I had to understand concepts quickly. I was literally swimming in the ocean. But God assured me, “I am the Lord, your redeemer, I will teach you what’s for your good and lead you on the way you should go”.

That became my strength! But at times I still felt it wasn’t going well. But he kept on telling me, “I will help you!” there came a stage where I had to stand up independently for myself… My editor failed me, I had two days to edit my own work! Imagine, of course I would cry! Just look at how I write in my blog! I have bad grammar, I am not a good writer – I always just get away because of the content.

But then the Holy Spirit encouraged me. I told myself that night (after eating Dominos with Lois), I am not giving up. I still have that sheet of paper which I plastered on my wall. I wrote “Even when people gave up on you, I will not. With God, I can”. So I edited my thesis with God. And I did it! With God, indeed!

This year too, I am proud to say I achieved another dream of mine to tour my mom. With my Appen salary, I was able to bring my mom to Australia in January then to Korea in July. I spent a lot, but it’s all worth it! It’s a dream come true!

A week before my graduation, out of pride, I resigned from Appen. My manager accepted my resignation. I was crying because I really did love my work. It’s the kind of work I love, but they didn’t have a full-time job for me. At first, I thought I was to be blamed for being too emotional and for sending that resignation email right away.

But because of that, I was able to apply for Cambly. I was cashing in a lot!! LIke a lot! Every week is enough to sustain us. In fact, I could fulfill my remote life fantasy and become a Hikikomori. What’s also amazing is that I get to practice my profession again: helping people, becoming aware that this is my talent especially when people would book a lesson with me again after the call. It’s a rewarding job, but I want something fixed to be honest. While I can earn 18k a week (God, I can’t imagine how hard that’d be), I had to really force myself and motivate myself. There were times I only earned 3000 pesos a week because I was lazy.

Being someone who thrives in productivity, this relax environment is killing me so while teaching, I was also learning advanced stats and modelling and python programming and machine learning on the side. (So yes, I was not only watching Korean dramas).

And exactly in December, God opened a path I was not expecting-a path I was willing to take next year, but it’s been done. I’m excited for the next year… I can’t share it yet, but it’s definitely what I have been dreaming all my life.

By writing this decade summary, I have faith that God is preparing something again! The same God who brought me victories will be with me in the next decade. I just wish He will reveal himself to me in other areas of my life as I hopefully bid goodbye to my education (after this PhD).

Thank you God in advance for your gift of the decade! What a journey! Thank you for being with me all these years God!


Your Kimkim

Next: Part 2: What I will leave behind!

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Random Thoughts

This is the most special award for me…

(Thought of it while cleaning up my documents)

Not only because I am the first and only awardee since 2011 (can’+ believe it’s that long), but because it is a testament of my hard work back then, balancing leadership, academics and service. I sometimes think I have used up all my voice and energy back in uni tha+ I no longer want to hold any high leadership position since then. Yet I still feel guilty for not achieving anything (to prove myself I am.worthy of this award), and for not even trying…

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Photo Diary #399: July 26, 2019 Friday, Kipot

Focused on cleaning my website and youtube channel

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Photo Diary #398: July 25, 2019 Thursday, Kipot

Criminal Minds Korean Version

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