I started a blog before, however, it seemed cluttered with no specific purpose.  Thus, I created a new one and decided to simply focus on posting about my bucket list.

So why did start focusing on my bucket list? I study every day, I read and write (not always) and learn new things by reading. Wait, did I mention reading again? Someone asked me just a month ago what makes me busy, and when I started thinking of what to say; I became fully aware that my life tends to revolve around reading, studying  Applied Linguistics, Linguistics, Neuroeducation, Neuroscience, Psychology and Productivity and writing at times (usually as required by my uni). You see, my life’s pretty “okay”. O.O, okay isn’t okay… I guess. I didn’t get outside and mingle with the world. I stuck to age-old routines that I had been following through for 15 years. I used to sleep at 8:00 in the evening, to wake up at 1:00 a.m. and start my “weird” schedule of reading, writing anything. (Scary? I still cringe whenever I think about it considering it wasn’t normal and healthy). Because of that, I don’t freak out when the clock strikes 12 midnight because at that time, 1:00 a.m. for me is tantamount to the normal 7:00 a.m. for others (if you understand what I mean).   Every day, for 15 years, I followed this cycle and decided to finally call it quits when I started reading blogs about health, productivity, meditation, neuroscience and psychology last year. Yes, I have been improving myself for a year now. And I want to do more… to add flavour to my life (after that “what makes you busy” question), believing that I only have one life and I have to do my best to make it better each day.

Instead of staying all day in the house every day, reading and being a freak, I decided to reach out to the world. Although, I really cannot go out every day, I ensure that each day is focused and lived creatively and to at least visit someone or date with friends once a week.

My bucket list consists of my works of mercy (as I am a devout Catholic Christian and Theophile, a Jesus addict), my personal development endeavours (skills, career, reading, writing, etc) and other activities I want to try (travel, and other creative and fun ways to experience life fully).

Although my bucket list contains a raft of activities and sometimes it seems inundating, I am still motivated to tick off each item on the list and probably even add some more. You are most welcomed to give your suggestions 😀  By the way, the bucket list is found in the other page. Also, some of the pages do not contain posts yet. (That’s me being the OC again, trying to organize everything first)

This is the start of my journey (though, technically, it commenced last year) to a more creative, fun, blissful, blessed life.

With Jesus, I can!

–  Kayla, the Theoxenophile

P.S. I am truly happy to find out that my one year effort to better myself is not wasted. In fact, I only have 30, 34, 37 left off the habits listed by LifeHack.org to master.


Kayla’s 10 Laws in Life

1. Start early and wake up happy and positive.

2. Master your craft. Invest in your knowledge and skills.

3. Focus Hard. Be Goal-driven

4. Say only words that build. Criticize not.

5. Do not grumble or compare yourself to others. Be grateful.

6. Be sensitive but do not let others’ reactions get to your spleen. Do not conform. Stand up.

7. Stay healthy and rich in everything to serve.

8. Study.Serve. Pray.Love

9. Give your best every day for God’s glory and keep your promises.

10. Remind yourself that your real goal is to get to heaven.


Kayla, the Theoxenophile


I also have my own website: http://www.theorator.org, visiting it won’t hurt. 🙂

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