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Daily Message from God # 4

Dear Jesus,

Today, the message of networking, of being proactive continued to be highlighted in my readings and in my thoughts. I realized that no matter how much you achieved, people will still view those who dress impeccably to be smarter. Although You look at the heart, I feel that it’s Your way of motivating me. Hihihihi. Of course, I’m not going to cop out. If that’s how life is played, let me join the game. And I promise myself to reach that authentic self.

Also, the blog I read today bolstered what I previously read in Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone book where he stated we must create our personal brand. According to the blog, in order to project a personal brand, we must have our own voice, own style of dressing that resonates with our mission and the people we want to attract, our network, our mannerism (so cussing is out), our word, our habits and our consistency. So far, I can confidently say I have all except for the style part. I haven’t define my own style yet, but I know that I am more of a natural-classic one. I also feel that an accessory with bible passages will make me unique and will reflect more of my priorities. Before the end of the year, it’s a promise to define and project that into the world, and to weed out unnecessary wardrobe items that do not resonate with who I am. Three points: Focus, Hard work and Personal Branding.

Thank you Jesus!

I love You always,

Your Kimkim

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Daily Message from God #3

Dear Jesus,

I read Coffee Lunch Coffee by Muller, Never Eat Alone by Ferrazzi and The Charisma Myth by Olivia Bane. All three books discussed a common theme, networking. What have I learned from the books? I must be proactive in building my network by inviting people to lunch or dinner, asking them important questions, and being genuine, open, warm, powerful and present in the process. Also, Muller suggested to build a portfolio that contains my elevator pitch, resume, 300 to 500 bio and update it often. She insisted that we be prepared to present ourselves once thrown in the pond. Because of that, I created a professional page. Honestly, it’s seems awkward and daunting to invite a CEO or someone in position over for dinner even if we haven’t established that pond. But Muller highlighted that we can mitigate this by preparing in advance, asking important questions, showing what we can lay on the table, and projecting warmth, power and presence.

Actionable plan: Start my Networking Plan where I write my goals, the people I want to network, and the people I already know. I must also be clear on what I want to be known for and establish a brand for myself and sell it. In my case, I think I really want to be known as a great influencer and a legendary world-class empowering public speaker and coach who changes thousands of lives (dream big right? Hihihihi). Everything I study should bolster that image from clubs, networks to projects and skills. Thanks for this message tonight.

For my passage readings today, I tag Isaiah 10 as pride. It reminds me to humble myself. The chapter speaks of God’s wrath upon the King of Assyria who thinks he conquered Israel out of his own might. In the same way, I shouldn’t acknowledge everything as a product of my own effort. Nope. Everything comes from You! Isaiah 11 is unity. It speaks of the time when Ephraim would not be envious of Judah anymore, and Judah wouldn’t be an inimical enemy to Ephraim. Instead, God will use both for His glory.  Isaiah 12 is Thanksgiving. Because of this reconciliation, we would remember Christ as the source of our strength and courage. Isaiah 13 is Trust. God is already in the future. He allows the savior to sprang from the shoot of Jesse. Although he has all good things prepared for the Israelites, they must undergo the trials as a cause of their sin. Probably the message is God’s faithfulness to His promise and divine justice.

Thank you for promising a surprise for this week.

Sending smiles,

Your Kimkim

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Vlog 1: Skyline College Office

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Thank you California!

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Daily Message from God # 2

Dear Jesus,

Today, I read a blog on 26 good habits to start practicing through Bloglovin’, and realized I am already practicing most of them. What I could probably add to my list is choosing one topic to learn for a day, allotting an hour me-time (I will try 4 a.m. to fit with my daily worship schedule), focusing only on one to three tasks every day for maximum performance.

My first book for the day was the 80/20 Principle that postulates only 20% of the input produces 80% of the output. How does that extend to my life? First, I only need to find the 20% that can produce the 80% success for me. Bottomline: Say no to most tasks. Second, my business should be more focused. Third, in line with business, finding out the 20% that contributes to the 80% profit of the company is one sure step to doubling the earnings. Woah. What else have I learned today? I need to add a section for God’s Response to my journal to see if I’m hearing You in all these. Please let the Holy Spirit guide me through it.

The other night, I asked you what your message was and you simply whispered, “They will turn themselves in.” I was afraid by that prophecy, but true enough the suspect turned herself up. Mama suggested that I write down all the prophecies. When you told me that my sister  would bear a baby girl, no one really thought it was possible because of her illness, but it came to pass and You prove them again that with You, all things are possible. When you told me how the enemy would get caught, “Her words will pierce her own heart”, it did happen because you used her own statements against her that resolved all doubts and conflict when I was still in the university. Now you’re telling me, all this is in preparation for the big task you assigned me to do, I’m sure it’s gonna be a surprise again. Before I was always in trepidation whenever I hear of missions and great prosperity for fear of responsibility. Now, I am filled with excitement and joy for who am I to question Your wisdom, fountain of Wisdom? I can only submit and trust in your plan and the transformation it carries. Humble me, Jesus each day. After all, everything is vanity if it’s done for selfish gains.

The chapters I read today from Isaiah 10-16 reminded me to be humble and to trust only on You. Having an acute mental disease of studying the occult, I’m certain it’s your way of cleansing and bringing me back. Teach me to erase the knowledge. Fill me with only Your word and wisdom. Jesus, teach me to be humble; it’s my greatest dream .

Thank you for everything, Kuya. I love you so much!


Your Kimkim


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Daily Reminders from God #1

Dear Jesus,

I learned that what’s missing in my life now is my grit and hard work. I depended too much on my past accomplishments that I no longer work hard enough. Also, I distend myself to various skills and tasks. I realized that I cannot be everywhere, so I need to focus on public speaking and research. That’s it. Focus on my books, research and improve on my grammar and vocabulary (a lot!).  In order to get ahead, I must work smart and pray hard; look at You for guidance. Yep, astrology and tarots have played mind games with me in the past, but it’s never too late to ditch them altogether and live by faith. They haven’t helped raise an ounce of my esteem; they only pulled me down. In fact,  I am 100% sure, it’s the devil’s way of veering me away from the promise. I still believe, God. I will work hard.

I love You Jesus!


Your Kimkim



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Thank you California~


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A World-Class in a Small Box

On March 13, 2016, Bindlestiff Studio’s Love Edition: Always & 4Ever covered seven hilarious yet profound love stories: “57 Varieties”, a story of two couple finding out another’s attachment to pornography; “Kill Me Please”, a romantic depiction of a weird and hilarious masochist-sadist love story; “Time Before Time”,  a deep reflection of a son’s willingness to change history for his mother; “The Sunshower Bride”, another extremely amusing Wolf-and-Human love story with cultural symbolisms; “Puppy Love”, an extraordinary plot about two lesbians contemplating the effects of adopting a puppy to their home life; “Life of Sin”, a more serious story of revenge, betrayal with a lot of twists in between; and “Woo Her Like a Badass”, a comedic portrayal of modern courtship.

Being a person who dislikes the predictable and the familiar, I adored all the acts that defamiliarized common love themes such as a son’s love for a mother (Time Before Time) and unimaginable stupid love in damaging relationships (Kill Me Please); and cultural underpinnings to that of traditional marriages (The Sunshower Bride), homosexual relationships (Puppy Love) and peer pressure (Woo Her Like a Badass), then packaged and presented them in a whole new “delectable” way to the audience. I have never been this hooked and awed, gasping for more. Their plots and script are comparable to that of the great Jean-Baptiste Moliere-succinct, appropriate, ludicrous; the actors’ natural and effortless raising of eyebrows to embody bewilderment, smirking to disgust, biting of lips to lust, shaking of hips to merriment, pounding the heart or shaking of the head to regret, etc. to that of renowned Les Miserables’ cast; and their approach to stage to that of minimalists – sets illuminate than dominate. In a sentence, theirs is a world-class production. And to me world-class in itself does not exemplify international acclaim but one that has a sublime unforgettable impact on the audience. Look at Renoir and Monet – at first glance, their works do not astound much… impact much. But stare a little more closely and one sees works that bring the ordinary up a notch, creating a sublime experience. Having deep appreciation for the sublime pieces, I noticed that staled stories once defamiliarized either swiftly slap or silently seep through the senses of a slumbered soul. That happened to me while I sat at the last row of the theater closed to the audio booth. And up until now, I cannot put to sleep the thrill and awe I felt whilst there. Again, I appreciate the Filipino playwrights who made a world-class production in a small box in San Francisco.











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Variety in the Familiar

Group to solo, Tahitian atmosphere to Korean vibe, Modern Contemporary to Hip hop, dance to musical performances: the Spring Dance Show 2016 held on May 13, 2016 at Skyline College Theater seemed to have showcased all.  It was produced by Dance 400 classes under Amber Steele as part of their grade for the semester. The production started with a Spring Musical titled “Fancy Dress” by the Spring Musical Orchestra, followed by varying group and solo routines. “Brother” and “Strange Fruit” were the only one-man shows and most were composed of at least four members. A total of 17 performances, which ran for an hour and a half, entertained the 15 spectators. The theater, stage and artistic directors spat orders from the audio booth; the host, acting as though part of a play, filled the awkward silences between quick changes; while outside the theater, four volunteers yawning, chatting and checking their phones, sat in front of a long table where programs lay free for grabs.

Entering, I surveyed the theater expecting more than the number that showed up. I counted 15. That’s when I called myself back and reminded myself, I wasn’t there to critique but experience. After finding my seat, I heard noises coming from the backstage. There were loud whispers, whimpers, seat grabbings, and things clicking. What do you expect? I started rolling my eyes again. When the show began, at least it wasn’t disappointing. I applauded the host who had Marry Poppins’ intonation and the gait of one of Princess Aurora’s fairy godmothers. She looked spontaneous even though I knew she had it all scripted. If only one word could describe the show that would be variety. Varied performances, varied dancing skills, varied interpretations of dance moves (how straight the arms should be, how bent the knees had to be, etc), and varied reactions from me: awed, thrilled, pained, touched, acutely distressed, disgusted.  When I caught myself critiquing, “Should they have at least prepare for this? When you are on stage, you should take it as a final performance not a rehearsal…”, I forced myself to stop and reflect on this experience. There are shoulds, but aren’t the flow, mistakes and the unexpected the ones that make up a memorable entertaining show? Experience has always taught me that control crashes the currents of creativity. But more than a controlling mind, negative eyes null the nirvana of experiences. At that moment, I knew I perceived from my negative eyes. Plus, I realized they were neophytes who desired to experience dancing in front of an audience and not experts who have been rocking the stage since they were ten. Again, the show provided variety and for a person who abhors the familiar, that is all that matters.



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Do I really have to post this?

Nope. But my heart might burst if I don’t. People have been asking. I don’t wanna say this but, if I hadn’t turned down the full-time offer of a big university and the part-time offer of another university, I would have been teaching by now. Why sacrifice? For that big position. I am so close. God said I have to believe that I already have what I ask for and it shall be given to me. I’ll think about my next plan if I don’t get in.

Another reason actually is the clash between the deans. I wrote a lengthy letter to the president. Never did I dream that he would  ask them to open a special post just for me.

His words: “You wouldn’t want to lose her.”

I thank him for that. Really. But the entry for me wasn’t that good. Crying in front of the superiors isn’t me but I did because it was too overwhelming. At the time of my conference with them (they shared the loads for my post), I felt that they were thinking I was acting as though I’m a special person. ( I honestly felt I was in a dream, an important person. They were asking me of my opinions). Well, I can’t blame them for feeling that way. I am an added burden to them. Of course, they have to follow orders from the big boss.

Yes, I did not sign the contract.

I said no to three offers actually.

And people think I am unemployed because no one wants to take me in. Hahahahahahaha.

This is something I don’t want to post on social media because it might break my rather good rapport with amazing professors from the same university. But yeah… the deans, the professors… all know.

I just feel disappointed when people check up on me. It’s normal, I know. But… I just don’t like it.


Sorry for the bad writing.

I am lazy.





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