Photo Journal #88: August 5, 2014 (Tuesday)/Thesis Statements

Today, I prolly did not kick the day right. Instead of sweating out, I chose to be sweeped off by the seductive lure and magnet of the bed which means I already lost one day rest off my week. It didn’t bother me at all though because I only consumed 1167 calories today. Wohooo! Trying to keep up with goals beyond my zone like 38 inches for the first week is harder than meeting my calorie intake aim each day which is 1200. That’s why I went with the latter. Going for vegan wrap every dinner wasn’t even a sacrifice. I must admit that not working out resulted to a sluggish me. Yikes! Contrary to my belief that I will store enough energy when I do not exercise, not working out seemed to enervate me that caused my unproductive day. Today’s classes flushed me with worth debating arguments which truly astounded me. Instead of freaking out and ranting after noticing how unprepared my students were, I took deep breaths and thought of the most rational way of responding. Thank God, I did not rattle off sermons again. I am really proud and God must be, too. I know God knows I am doing my best to make each day productive, better, and full of life. Love u po!!!


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